Terms & Conditions

General Conditions
A Member of ZAM (later also referred to as ‘Member’ or ‘donor’) must be at least 16 years old. A Member guarantees that the information he/she provided during the application procedure (amongst which personal details such as name and e-mail address) are complete and correct. It is not allowed to become a Member of ZAM using a false name, or using the name or e-mail address of someone else.

Your donation will be withdrawn from your bank account directly after registration, through a direct debit. This payment will be executed by Mollie Payments. After the first payment, there will be a direct debit of your donation, every month on the same day.

If the direct debit from your account does not succeed, we will attempt to debit the amount again the following month. If the payment fails again, we will contact you and pause your ZAM Friendship, until the delayed payment has been done.

ZAM will not be held responsible for registrations using other people’s bank account. If you use a bank account number without informing the owner of the account, ZAM will pass your details on to the bank concerned.

ZAM reserves the right to unsubscribe you as a Member, in case, for whatever reason, the direct debit is unable to complete for two months in a row. Your subscription as Friend of ZAM will be activated, once the amount due has been transferred to ZAM’s account.

As a Member of ZAM, next to invitations to special events, you will receive a one time welcome reward. For the first year (October 2021 – October 2022), this will be, for €5/month -€60/year, the Nelson Mandela Pocket Book by Sisonke Msimang and, for €10/month -€120/year, the Nelson Mandela Pocket Book by Sisonke Msimang and the limited edition Nelson Mandela Stamp, with artwork by Marlene Dumas and design by Ruiter Jansen. A ZAM representative will be in touch with you via email for a delivery address and your reward will be sent to you through the post. Each year the reward scheme will be updated.

Invitations for Studio ZAM meet & greets and events, and invitations / tickets for the annual ZAM Nelson Mandela event will be sent to Friends via email.

Minimum period and cancellation
The minimum period for your ZAM Membership is one year. This is in order to cover the minimal costs, such as that of the welcome gift. Unfortunately, as a foundation we cannot afford running the risk of making loss based on this support model. We hope for your understanding. The Friendship runs from the first day of the calendar month. Example: if you subscribe as a Friend on May 1, you will pay €10 for the month May. If you subscribe on May 20, you will also pay €10 for the month of May.

Your ZAM Membership will be automatically renewed each month. After your first year as a ZAM Friend, you will have a cancellation period of one month. To cancel your Friendship, mail us at members@zammagazine.com. To unsubscribe for the next month, your cancellation must be received by the 15th of the previous month at the latest. If you unsubscribe as a ZAM Member on-or before the 15th, you will remain Friend until the end of that same month. If you unsubscribe later than the 15th, you will remain a Member until the end of the next month, and the donation will still be taken from your account.

ZAM has the right to stop a membership immediately, in case the Friend provides false information to ZAM. ZAM has the right to modify these conditions. These modifications apply also to existing contracts. ZAM will inform the Member about any important modifications by e-mail. If you have gained membership through a special campaign, the conditions might deviate. In this case the Terms & Conditions have been sent to you by e-mail.

Adjustments personal details
Any adjustments to your personal details are your own responsibility and must be submitted as soon as possible. Send your adjustments to: friends@zammagazine.com.

If you experience any troubles, have any questions or wish to unsubscribe, you can e-mail to friends@zammagazine.com

Our office address is:
ZAM-net Foundation, Tussen de Bogen 66, 1013 JB Amsterdam

Privacy statement
ZAM thinks your privacy is important. Your personal information will only be used to provide the best service possible and will be dealt with confidentially. For more information, read our Privacy statement